The Esteemed Choirs of Northville

The Esteemed High School Choirs of Northville
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This community is designed for the past, current, and future members of NHS Choirs.

1. BE NICE!! If any disputes are to happen, you will be banned immediately. But come on, we're only choir kids.

2. nO TyPinG liKe ThIS It'S AnNoYying.

3. No netspeak. Get your point across using real words.

4. Get to know your fellow members by posting a brief intro with/as your first post including your name, grade, and choir.

5. No spamming the community. Keep to 2 posts per day at most(it's not like there's that much to say anyway). If you posted and forgot something or you want to fix something, add it to the original post instead of updating again.

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